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LED Wall Washer Light

RF RGB LED Wall Washer

Item No.: CRK-WS75-RF36

General Design

This 7565 model LED Wall Washer coming with RF wireless remote controler, it  provides uniform indirect lighting that draws attention to a large area, and helps to de-emphasize textures while cleaning up blemishes on vertical surfaces and walls. This RGBW LED Wall Washers coming with AC85-265V/24VDC ,we provide watts up to 108W for both indoor and outdoor LED Lighting projects. Select from our RGB Color Changing LED Wall Washers or use a single color White or Warm White LED Wall Washers. All of our LED Wall Washers are capable of projecting light over 5-12 meters. 

Model No.                        CRK-WS75-RF36 CRK-WS75-RF54 CRK-WS75-RF72 CRK-WS75-RF108
Power 12*3W 18*3W 24*3W 36*3W
LED Chips 3W RGB Chips
Voltage AC85-265V
Colors RGB Full Colors
Material Aluminum alloy+tempering glass
Warranty 3-year
Size L500*W75*H65mm L1000*W75*H65mm L1000*W75*H65mm L1000*W75*H65mm

Product Features:

1. Aluminum alloy lamp body,Polyester powder coating ,4mm tough glass with high light transimittance
2. Multi colors available for RGB with RF remote control

3. Length in 500/1000mm
4. Multi option beam angle:15/30/45/60/10*65γ‚œ

5. 180° adjustable mounting brackets
6. Connect up to 300 fixtures in series
7.CE ROHS certifications


Outdoor wall illumination.


Lighting Effect: